Experienced Team

Combining strong business, technology and agronomic expertise



Roei Yaakobi


Roberto Ciancio

Head of Sales

Alexandre Dewerpe

Data Analyst

Combining strong business, technology and agronomic expertise 

Advisory Board

Prof. Menachem Moshelion

Plant Physiologist at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Nitza Karadish

Trendlines Ag CEO

Yaron Schwalb

AgriLever Co-Founder

Dr. Inbar Levy

Law Lecturer at The University of Melbourne

Jon Wiliams

Co-Founder of Culture AMP

Senior Tech Advisor 

Ran Tibi

Tie Up Farming — bringing farm operations into the 21st century.


Tie Up Farming was founded in 2015 as the answer to complicated farming processes. After identifying the need for a smooth end-to-end solution for horticultural businesses, we developed a piece of software that centralised all the operations involved with running an efficient and sustainable agribusiness.

After a successful round of funding in 2017 through Australian agtech accelerator program, SproutX, Tie Up Farming has been servicing farmers in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. By digitising farming operations and streamlines processes in the field, the orchards and the packing sheds, we’ve helped farms throughout Australasia become more efficient and sustainable.


From small farms through to enterprise-sized agribusinesses, farmers can now manage their entire operation in the one place. With the Tie Up Farming platform, you have an overview of important information such as when workers can safely re-enter zones after chemical use, and suggested times to pick in order to comply with regulations, new labour laws and audit requirements for chemical usage. You can also use the platform to understand whether the % A grade pack out is due to incorrect pruning and strong wind or pickers damaging the fruit. You can even see how certain fertilisers influence fruit size, colour and more.

Tie Up Farming combines the packing shed data together with the farm data using AI and Machine learning. 

Our speciality is working with agribusinesses to implement the technology. We work closely with our customers and listen to what they would like to develop next.

Simply sign up to the Spray Diary module on our new platform (at no cost) and use it to manage your crop fertilizations and chemicals for two months to receive a complimentary sensor-equipped Weather Station.